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Dolphins, dolphin everywhere! This mornings tour found peaceful seas and a large pod of our local dolphins cruising south inshore. A possie of three young ladies were first in to engage and we had an interesting observation of the dolphins using their eco-location on a large piece of rope that was embedded in the sand (pull as I may I could not dislodge it). Our second drop found the pod passthrough with the exception of the same possie of ladies minus the little one with the skin lesions and remora. When we continued north we located a pod of 6 heading over reef cruising offshore. Adult male Nemo and juvenile Gandalf were in the company of Bo, Bojangles and A.01 bdt with her calf of the year [cofy]. Gandalf took the time for a belly rub on some coral before rejoining the pod. Our last sighting included that of Cheekey and two other males who were heading north resting.
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