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Dolphin Diary 240414

Todays green water certainly was not conducive to great in-water encounters with the dolphins. With temperatures dropping to 23 degrees and little vis the dolphins seemed reluctant to engage.
Our first sighting of a nursery pod found high energy expending behavior that saw dolphins porpoising erratically together and charging inshore. Followed by brief intervals of rest before picking up speed again. Slipping into the green and waiting for an approach found not a squeak and dolphins clearly avoiding us. As I floated in the pea green soup I could not help but think of that large great white shark that was spotted in the vicinity around a week ago.... Heading back home, less one snorkeling trip due to the soup, we located another large mixed nursery group who were slowly ambling south. Sea state was superb and the boat based viewing was spectacular to say the least as a small group of young males, including one of Springs sons kept up on the bow.  This group seemed a bit more engaging and…

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