This mornings launch found the north westerly ruffling up the sea state which resulted in a somewhat bumpy ride - I had made a bad weather call based on no wind AND no clear sight of the ocean.
All however was not lost as we located Twobar in the company of two young juvi's who enjoyed the surf and one other. Twobar was up for a short bit of conscious interaction before continuing her travels.  The two horizontal bars that saw her get her human name are still slightly visible and her dorsal fin has stated to to show some wear which will allow us to identify her in future years. Towards the end of our encounter the small nursery pod was joined by three adult males who all continued to travel rest south.
Another highlight of the day was the Twig and Vine snake we found at home, possibly the very one that caused all the chaos the previous night when encountered by some friends who were hopping, he, he!
Have a look at the images: Facebook/dolphincenter


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