Dolphin Diary 13 to 16 August 2013

As predicted a slight onshore was already whisking up the oceans surface as we pushed in with our first ISV group of the day! Three were planned but we were doubtful the wind would give us the gap.
We managed two launches before she really started blowing and were welcomed by a plethora off whales on both. The Dolphins of Ponta were no-were to be seen however the whales certainly made up for their absence as hours were spent observing acrobatic adults and resting moms!
Album: Facebook/dolphincenter

A small pod of our finned friends were sighted around the point this morning hunting.
At first Gulliver and her posse were seen in the vicinity of a honeycomb ray while being overly aware of what other species were lurking around. Disappearing for a short while they they appeared from nowhere coming in at mach four belly up chasing a very small fish - to small and quick for me to ID! Time was spent buzzing around us before heading off, re-appearing with a humpback dolphin close by and Pee-wee who had just caught a large bottom fish. 
Soon after a mother and calf humpback whale was sighted, offering up some wonderful boat based viewing.
Launch two found us in the company of a large nursery pod, one of our humpback dolphins and some adult males. Kids and some of the young wanted to engage, but it was clear the the rest of the pod had more pressing commitments.

A morning filled with kids energy!
The nursery pod we located included Bo (who is sporting some new rake marks) together with Rusty, Gilly and their babes as well as some siblings. It was the cutest thing to have the sisters seemingly introduce the kids to some circle swimming and belly showing. Beever was also there and oddly didn't come to visit.


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