Dolphin Diary 090813

Happy Womans Day!
Heading out this morning we were greeted by a 'starting' to pick up westerly. We are expecting much rain and poor sea state tomorrow so we decided to wing it so to speak.
We located some males and two humpback dolphins initially. After some chasing of the humpies the group split leaving the humpies and again heading inshore. Patiently we waited until they finished surfing. Slipping in we were greeted by the boys that included Elvis and Theo. Poki podding was underway.
Fye arrived on the scene in the company of two younger juvi's who looked to be having a bit of a disiplenary session with the older males.
A great in-water was had by all!
Heading back the wind really started to blow and we hit the beach just as the heavens opened.
Check out the pics here: Facebook/dolphincenter


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