Last nights meet and greet with the ISV volunteers found a bunch of very excited 20something year olds that oohed and ahhed at the possibility of coming face to face with our Wild Dolphins of Ponta. They were expecting an ocean surfari, but when I mentioned my past almost 20 years experience with our finned friends my heart glowed as I watched faces light up. We were in for a good day and as I awoke to flat sea I could just feel it was going to be a cracker of a day. And that it was. First off we were graced by the presence of some very acrobatic humpback whales that displayed some amazing breaches and spyhops for us close to the boat. Dropping in the hydra-phone we listened in to some whale acoustics which always puts a smile on our faces when peeps realize that what they are listening to is taking place in the now!

Heading into Malongane Dallas located a pod inshore of our dolphins inshore and slipping in we we were welcomed by our finned friends who enjoyed some circle swimming and conscious interaction. Smily was most defiantly one of the ring leaders!
Courage- as Mitch says is one of the most beautiful behaviors we see on our  boat and today we had a number of very courageous peeps who acknowledged our pep-talks on false evidence appearing real and took the plunge. Well done!

By launch two the ocean had flattened to glass as we watched two humpback whales slowly cruise north. Our fist sighing of dolphins found us locating two youngsters in the deep. Tail out dives and long extended dive times found one of them gently clasping a tobie fish in its beak. No fish toss here...  The next group of what I think was three adult males, again in the deep shortly disappeared as we slowed the boat, however inshore on backline we located Skellitor and some other males who were travel resting. Skellitor offered a quick bout of interaction before moving off.

Launch three still found great sea state and this time two different pairs of HBW moms and their babes were recored moving north. Wonderful boat based viewing was had of the tiny littleones.
As Mitch said - Ok, lets go find some dolphins, we heard a phoooof and there in-front of the boat a small group surfaced and then proceeded to mill around socializing - again in the deep. Slipping in no sandy bottom could be seen, but all was well as dolphins surrounded us for some 20 minutes while socializing amongst themselves and us! What a beautiful dolphin diving day it was!

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