Dolphin Diary 141212


Dolphin Diary 141212, a set on Flickr.

Todays launches were wonderful! Great conditions and friendsly dolphins welcomed us throughout the morning in Ponta Bay.
it’s just before the long weekend and the waters are still nice and quiet!
Our fist session found a nursery travel resting through the bay. Gilly, Gandolf, Bo and her newbie and Peewee and her offspring spent some time in our company before heading across towards the Kosi Bay sanctuary!
A wonderful encounter was had on our second launch, finding us in the company of many, many happy dolphins who were heading north slowly.
They spent some 15 minutes in our company and it seemed that it was a large social gathering of the dolphin tribe as familiar individuals kept passing by amongst a cacophony of dolphin acoustics. Interestingly there were two individuals with the same skin lesions , one juvi and one sub-adult. Kit was last to arrive on the scene and offered another very close one on one bout of conscious interaction.
Beautiful Day!


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