Dolphin Diary 091212 Ponta do Ouro - Mozambique

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Dolphin Diary 091212, a set on Flickr.

We located Mindi and Gilly with their two calves who were in the company of some big males. The pod was traveling slowly north and the two little calves who are only a couple of months old seemed to be enjoying and showing off their new jumps and areal displays as if they had just mastered them. Too cute for words. Most of the pod were not interested in engaging with us, however one adult male (ahhhh and I cant find him on the catalogue) enjoyed our company - or was perhaps just a decoy. Non the less we had a wonderful bout of conscious interaction with him.
A recent coral spawn left the waters smelling like cold coffee as Mitch says with rich brown slicks. Snorkeling was had on the reef after our dolphin session and Mitch took the opportunity to check that KEEL strip from below.


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