Dolphin Diary 071212

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Dolphin Diary 071212, a set on Flickr.

As we launched were were paid a visit by young male Noodle who has certainly grown into a beautiful specimen of a male dolphin:-) I remember him when he a a wee little-one and it was great that he remembered me too. It's wonderful to be acknowledged by a dolphin! A short bout of conscious interaction was had before he moved off close inshore with the rest of his posse when another boat launched out of the bay. A lovely snorkel was had around the point before heading home.

Our second launch found us heading all the way up north, we located a small nursery pod that was resting inshore and our in-water observation found a quick circle swim with a sub-adult female who is covered in a parasite down one half of her body! Nice bird action too:-)


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