First Dolphin Birth photographed in water - Ponta do Ouro!

Newborn emerging 
First Dolphin Birth photographed in water - Ponta do Ouro!

22 August 2012.

I was honored to be in the space of Mindi while she was calving! Here is what happened.

We located the large pod a little north who were just hanging out. After observing for a while we slipped into horribly green water yet again. I found myself trying hard to understand the sight before me and went from being intrigued at what I thought was an oversized penis to a large and dark remora. As my eyes finally focused through the murky water as i gazed upon the tail of Mindies emerging newborn. Instinctively I raised my arm and called the boat so as not to interfere with her birthing process by having guests in the water. She seemingly slowed as if knowing I was feeling extremely humbled to bear witness to this event. I had though that this would have been a group pod event with more dolphins around her, however she was only in the company of two other individuals. I managed to get a couple of images before swimming back to the boat. I have been observing and swimming with the Dolphins of Ponta for almost 20 years now and this was the first time I have witnessed a birth in the water! All those years of dedication finally paid off:-)

Sadly our time was running out and we had eager guests who wanted to swim with the dolphins, which resulted in us cutting this very profound and special observation short:-(

Being born Tail First

The tail with little pleats

Mom Mindi easily recognizable


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