Saturday, August 15

It's a white spotted puffer fish mom!

It's a white spotted puffer fish mom!

Could not resist posting this cute little bottlenose dolphin calf in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve in Mozambique inspecting the puffer who was getting buzzed by the small group of 6 dolphins this morning. Dolphins getting high on pufferfish? I think more research needs to be done before this claim can be made.

Tuesday, August 4


17 to 22 September 2015

The dolphin is an inspiring animal that symbolizes joy and compassion to people. Those whose lives have been enriched by dolphins sometimes say that God even performs miracles through them. Some of the greatest minds on earth live in the ocean.

It has been well documented that people have had miraculous healings being in the presence of live Dolphins. During this retreat we will incorporate swimming and working with the energy of the Dolphins and returning our focus to the Inner Divine that is found in the Inner Chamber of the Heart Chakra. From here the embodiment of serenity, grace and silence becomes part of one’s reality and drawing us deeper into the heart's direct experience of Compassion for all beings. This supports the awakening of the Healer within.
Package for 6 days / 5 nights - 6500pp sharing is self-drive from Johannesburg, and includes : 
  • Overnighter in Pongola (5,5 hrs from Jhb) on Thurs 17 September 2015 db&b;
  • 5 days/4 nights shared accommodation, brunch and dinner at comfy guest house in Moz - with swimming pool and tranquil garden;
  • 3 dolphin launches (weather permitting), snorkelling course (no previous experience necessary and no diving required), marine code of conduct/dolphin presentation;
  • border transfers (only 4x4's drive through the border & other vehicles are parked in secure parking area at border);
  • shamanic workshops and ceremonies, meditations etc.
Joshua Maree is a Spiritual & Ascension Channel & Coach, Regression Counsellor and Shaman Master Healer and Teacher

Diana K. – Sundancer has been swimming with the dolphins of Ponta since 1996 and has been taking groups to and facilitating retreats in Ponta since 2002.

Angie Gullan – Founder / Guide. South African born, Angie, co-founded the dolphin and marine program during the mid 90’s and took up residency in Ponta d’Ouro, Mozambique in 1999. She has been instrumental in instigating marine life protection and research in the area and has spent many years campaigning for dolphin rights in Mozambique.

For more info contact :
Diana +27 82 300 8117
Skype:  sundancersa


We are Bottlenose Dolphins. We have been residing in the oceans for eons of time. We are joyful beings, we enjoy many things like humans do, swimming, eating, playing, making love and raising children. And of course we enjoy communicating with other species like yourselves.
Dear earthling friends, you have been forgetful. There were times we co-existed in perfect harmony. We had helped you evolve, and you had helped us evolve. We had respected each other and supported each other. We had such deep mutual understandings of each other, as we had this recognition deep in our hearts, that everything was inter-connected and we were one.
Earthling friends, we invite you again and again to come and see us in our big ocean home.  We would like to share with you, our stories, our families and many other things that you wouldn’t normally see on land. 

There is no border here. Freedom is what you experience.
From that place of freedom, unconditional love and existence, you will make your own choices for your future and your own species.

Now it is time to remember, reclaim and reconnect.

We are Bottlenose Dolphins, ambassadors of the Cetacean Nation.
July 2015  |  Ritsuko Fujimori