Monday, March 18

Dolphins of Ponta Surfing

Hope you enjoy this poster. I watched our finned friends for a couple of hours on the morning just coming and going while loving the surf. True masters of the wave! 
Images a bit blurry - imagine what I could do with an 800mm lens:-)

Sunday, March 17

Dolphin Diet Info:

I was ecstatic to have found this perfect sample of a cuttlefish our finned friends had been snacking on! It's a little smaller than my last, but you can clearly see the dolphins teeth marks on the spine. Needless to say I took it home, chopped all the fresh flesh off (which was promptly given to our house cats) and dried it out.

Friday, March 15

Oh mother, where art thou?

Biologists since Aristotle have puzzled over the reasons for mass strandings of whales and dolphins, in which groups of up to several hundred individuals drive themselves up onto a beach, apparently intentionally. Recent genetic research has shed some light on whether family relationships play a role in these enigmatic and often fatal beachings of otherwise healthy whales. 

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Oh mother, where art thou?

Tuesday, March 12

Shewww....big seas greeted us this morning. Large swells, chilly air and although we had hoped for a beautiful dolphin diving day- we were disappointed not to find any of our finned friends within our monitoring area. Visibility is still wonderful and the free-dving session over Creche found a multitude of bait fish and a somewhat curious potato bass. Sadly we scrapped launching for the rest of the day. Lets hope the windguru is right with tomorrows forecast. Although we can expect little wind, the swell is still expecting to run at 3m.

Dolphins Help Young Seal!