Tuesday, August 20

Dolphin Diary 13 to 16 August 2013

As predicted a slight onshore was already whisking up the oceans surface as we pushed in with our first ISV group of the day! Three were planned but we were doubtful the wind would give us the gap.
We managed two launches before she really started blowing and were welcomed by a plethora off whales on both. The Dolphins of Ponta were no-were to be seen however the whales certainly made up for their absence as hours were spent observing acrobatic adults and resting moms!
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A small pod of our finned friends were sighted around the point this morning hunting.
At first Gulliver and her posse were seen in the vicinity of a honeycomb ray while being overly aware of what other species were lurking around. Disappearing for a short while they they appeared from nowhere coming in at mach four belly up chasing a very small fish - to small and quick for me to ID! Time was spent buzzing around us before heading off, re-appearing with a humpback dolphin close by and Pee-wee who had just caught a large bottom fish. 
Soon after a mother and calf humpback whale was sighted, offering up some wonderful boat based viewing.
Launch two found us in the company of a large nursery pod, one of our humpback dolphins and some adult males. Kids and some of the young wanted to engage, but it was clear the the rest of the pod had more pressing commitments.

A morning filled with kids energy!
The nursery pod we located included Bo (who is sporting some new rake marks) together with Rusty, Gilly and their babes as well as some siblings. It was the cutest thing to have the sisters seemingly introduce the kids to some circle swimming and belly showing. Beever was also there and oddly didn't come to visit.

Thursday, August 15

This mornings launch found the north westerly ruffling up the sea state which resulted in a somewhat bumpy ride - I had made a bad weather call based on no wind AND no clear sight of the ocean.
All however was not lost as we located Twobar in the company of two young juvi's who enjoyed the surf and one other. Twobar was up for a short bit of conscious interaction before continuing her travels.  The two horizontal bars that saw her get her human name are still slightly visible and her dorsal fin has stated to to show some wear which will allow us to identify her in future years. Towards the end of our encounter the small nursery pod was joined by three adult males who all continued to travel rest south.
Another highlight of the day was the Twig and Vine snake we found at home, possibly the very one that caused all the chaos the previous night when encountered by some friends who were hopping, he, he!
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Dolphin Diary 110813

Our first launch found very little activity except for Tatti and her newbie in the company if four others. Long dive times and a quite disposition confirmed resting as the dolphins zig zagged the bay, seemingly avoiding us. We are pleased to say that Tatti's little one is looking healthy and fine. After her loss of Titan last time round we are looking forward to watch the littleones progress.
These images are from the 30th July, see mom Tatti's mammary glands are nice and full.

Saturday, August 10

Dolphins can save problems like Humans

Dolphin Diary 090813

Happy Womans Day!
Heading out this morning we were greeted by a 'starting' to pick up westerly. We are expecting much rain and poor sea state tomorrow so we decided to wing it so to speak.
We located some males and two humpback dolphins initially. After some chasing of the humpies the group split leaving the humpies and again heading inshore. Patiently we waited until they finished surfing. Slipping in we were greeted by the boys that included Elvis and Theo. Poki podding was underway.
Fye arrived on the scene in the company of two younger juvi's who looked to be having a bit of a disiplenary session with the older males.
A great in-water was had by all!
Heading back the wind really started to blow and we hit the beach just as the heavens opened.
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Dolphin Diary 060813

Awful, awful visibility this morning!
We located Mumsy, Danny and offspring in the company of some other ladies and adult males. Long dive times meant they were either resting or had found something down below.
The latter unfolded. After observing for a while we entered into the water and found the group to be interested in something down below. White flashes caught my eye and diving down I saw that their attention was being held by a rather large ray and a number of remoras.
Mumsy slowed for some social interaction as I tried to film her swelling tummy. Although visibility was terrible, our finned dolfriends surfaced to breath really close offering everyone a close view of our dolfriends in water.
Our second launch found is in the company of a large nursery pod who were heading south. It was great to see Gawane with her firstborn doing so well. Zoom, Bo, Smily and the rest of the group had now joined up with the first pod and allowed for some great in-water viewing and circle swimming in the green muck! We were also graced with a young juvi that was 'fish tossing' a tobie fish.
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Wednesday, August 7

Here is a really heartwarming story. Talk about sustainable fishing.

Dolphin catches huge cod fish then leaps from the water and DROPS it in family’s BOAT

Humpback Whale Season

We have having the most incredible humpback whale  season. Just about every launch has found us in the company of these majestic cetaceans. Synchronized Whale Watching Day takes place on the 10th August this year and we are looking forward to the count.


Last nights meet and greet with the ISV volunteers found a bunch of very excited 20something year olds that oohed and ahhed at the possibility of coming face to face with our Wild Dolphins of Ponta. They were expecting an ocean surfari, but when I mentioned my past almost 20 years experience with our finned friends my heart glowed as I watched faces light up. We were in for a good day and as I awoke to flat sea I could just feel it was going to be a cracker of a day. And that it was. First off we were graced by the presence of some very acrobatic humpback whales that displayed some amazing breaches and spyhops for us close to the boat. Dropping in the hydra-phone we listened in to some whale acoustics which always puts a smile on our faces when peeps realize that what they are listening to is taking place in the now!

Heading into Malongane Dallas located a pod inshore of our dolphins inshore and slipping in we we were welcomed by our finned friends who enjoyed some circle swimming and conscious interaction. Smily was most defiantly one of the ring leaders!
Courage- as Mitch says is one of the most beautiful behaviors we see on our  boat and today we had a number of very courageous peeps who acknowledged our pep-talks on false evidence appearing real and took the plunge. Well done!

By launch two the ocean had flattened to glass as we watched two humpback whales slowly cruise north. Our fist sighing of dolphins found us locating two youngsters in the deep. Tail out dives and long extended dive times found one of them gently clasping a tobie fish in its beak. No fish toss here...  The next group of what I think was three adult males, again in the deep shortly disappeared as we slowed the boat, however inshore on backline we located Skellitor and some other males who were travel resting. Skellitor offered a quick bout of interaction before moving off.

Launch three still found great sea state and this time two different pairs of HBW moms and their babes were recored moving north. Wonderful boat based viewing was had of the tiny littleones.
As Mitch said - Ok, lets go find some dolphins, we heard a phoooof and there in-front of the boat a small group surfaced and then proceeded to mill around socializing - again in the deep. Slipping in no sandy bottom could be seen, but all was well as dolphins surrounded us for some 20 minutes while socializing amongst themselves and us! What a beautiful dolphin diving day it was!

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