Tuesday, July 24

Dolphin Diary 

Afters yesterdays wind and gloomy seas, we welcomed in a beautiful (although overcast morning).
The cetacean nation was very active early bells with some of our dolfriends sighted hunting and surfing in the bay. They were around  during the entire 2hr observation.

Sadly we did not have a launch today, but wow what a wonderful land based obs we had with our volunteers Jessica and Marjuane. Apart from Dolphins there were humpback whales with two groups close-by and three groups offshore.

Monday, July 23


Dolphin Diary, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique
22 June 2012
And again the onshore was blowing this morning…. None the less we headed out, looking like eskimos in the chilly wind to see which of our dolfriends were in the area. Unfortunately sea state and a couple of sea sick peeps cut short our session and we were back on land by 09:00. The hydra-phone recording found very little whale activity this morning par from a few groans right in the beginning. We headed inshore and to find the SA boat with a pod and waited for them to finish off after which we picked up the pod heading offshore.
Some 20 dolphins were amongst the mix and when slipping in we were joined by Ivan and a couple of other boys! Although the visibility left little to be desired, we were able to have a brief but socially engaging bout of conscious interaction with Ivan and a couple of other young adult males.

Ivan - made it onto the Dolphins of Ponta ID catalogue in December 2006 who is one of those colourful dolphin characters who likes to engage! One of my most memorable dolphin encounters was with this chap and Ingrid who had caught a small blue spotted ray!  Ingrid has not been seen for many months now and I often wonder whatever happened to her. She just disappeared! I do hope she will appear one day again, possibly with a little one in tow:-)

Amongst the group of dolphins we sighted this morning were some of our oldtimers that used to be more resident to the area. We were overjoyed to see Ladies fin amongst the group, which had, towards of end of the launch split off from the main pod.

Sunday, July 22

Dolphin Diary
21 July 2012
The onshore started blowing early this morning so it was a bumpy ride. As we were pushing in Dallas saw some of our finned friends surfing back-line, there was however another boat in their vicinity so we went offshore and popped the hydraphone in. We managed to get our first humpback whale recording of the season! Although the whales could not be seen, they certainly could be heard. 

After heading back into the bay in hope of spotting our dolfriends, we eventually found a small group that was pointed out by a fellow seafarer who mentioned that they had been snacking on some bait fish. Although they came straight to our boat for a quick bow ride, they soon disappeared into the depths and were then seen heading offshore. We decided to leave them be and headed up the coastline to search the rest of the area.There was no dolphin activity and just as we were about to give up, Mitch spotted a pod coming inshore. Much excitement followed as we kitted up and slipped in. Surrounded by dolphins who were socializing  amongst themselves. Viz was poor and as the dollies disappeared down below we lost sight of them. Our second attempt found us being surrounded by some 30 dolphins that were relaxed and comfy with having us around. Mindi and Zam were seen in-water and wow, they are both huge and about to pop! The graceful ladies allowed for some wonderful views of their swollen bellies! Big boys Skellitor and  Beever were in the mix as was Fye and Elvis. Lots of direct approached, circle swims and a cacophony of sounds left us all with huge smiles:-) Now thats what swimming with dolphins in Ponta do Ouro is all about! Have a look at the dolphin images! Thanks Dolfriends!
ponta do ouro
Mindi and her swollen belly!